Saturday, May 16, 2015


I found a YouTube video that a high school girl was singing Japan's anthem "Kimigayo" at a high school baseball tournament opening ceremony. It was uploaded five years ago. The high school girl has become a professional soprano singer now. 
Her voice was amazing and I was really moved it. I've heard Japan's anthem in big events many times and it was the best performance ever to me. Even those who opposes Kimigayo might be moved her soprano voice of the anthem.  
When I was young, I didn't care much about Kimigayo. As I getting older and knowing what Japan's anthem implies, it's a solemn moment whenever I hear the song. 


山田茂 said...

I was so moved "by" her singing that I decided to write this article.
Let me tell you how moved I was "by" her performance.
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Mako said...