Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31st

No one might like August 31th. When you were a child, school would start tomorrow and you had plenty of homeworkers. Probably, you had to read a novel for your book report. I was the one, of course. 
Sadly, some children don't like the day because they are bullied at school. They don't want to go to school and some of them try to suicide on the day. 
I don't want to hear those sad news tomorrow. If you see someone is bullied, be brave to save your friends from bullying. I hope every students can go to school tomorrow or at least no one waste their bright future. 
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

300 Packs of Yakisoba

I went to my son's high school festival today. I joined students' fathers group to run Yakisoba stand. We prepared 300 dishes of yakisoba and sold all of them. 
There were many food stands in the festival like takoyaki, udon, sweets and so on. These earnings will use for the students. 
Students, their families and neighbors came to the festival and looked enjoy themselves today. 
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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Yakisoba Fathers

I'm going to take part in a school festival at my son's high school tomorrow. I have to cook yakisoba at a food stand in the festival. The yakisoba stand is run by students' fathers group called Oyaji-no-Kai. I was asked to join the group the other day. 
It will be the first time to go to high school festival in several decades. The students might look forward to being the festival, so I promise that I'll cook delicious yakisoba tomorrow. 
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Gun Violence

A TV reporter and a cameraman were killed by former their coworker during live broadcasting. About 10,000 people have been killed by gun every year in America. How come they can't ban on guns in the United States? 
The number of the gun murders vary from state to state in America. In California, 866 people were killed by gun, but in Hawaii no one was killed in 2011. I'm not sure what is the difference between the two states, but I hope they can reduce gun tragedies in America. 
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Driving Accidents

I've watched a shocking TV news about car accident in Nara. Five 19-year-old men and women have died by a single vehicle accident. They were all middle school classmates, the news reporter said. Police said they might drive too fast and they could not drive through a curve properly. 
This kind of car accidents happen so often especially in the holiday season. I can understand how they feel happy at that time. New driving license, new car and old friends. They tend to drive fast despite their poor driving skills. 
You have to think you are carrying your friends' lives while you are driving with them. Please don't waste young lives. 
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Making a Constitution

In 1787, American early leaders met in Philadelphia to write a new Constitution. Some leaders wanted a strong central government and others did not. The making of American constitution needed a long time discussions. Somehow they could make a completely new constitution. I really admire their efforts to make the new constitution, but except a matter, slavery. 
In Japan, we could not make our own constitution after World War 2, and now there are some problems in it. I think we have to make a new constitution someday. 
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Eiken Practice 1



      Public transportation plays important role for modern society. There are some advantages and disadvantages of public transportation. 
      An important advantage of public transportation is that it improves traffic conditions. Public transportation reduces the number of private cars on the road, so it prevents road damages and traffic congestion. 

      On the other hand, public transportation has some problems. One of the problems is that it is less accessible than using private cars, especially in small population areas. These areas do not have convenient transportation systems. 

      In Japan, public transportation systems are believed to be safe, but once an accident happens, there will be lots of victims of the accidents, so public transportation still have both advantages and disadvantages. 
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Monday, August 24, 2015

The 15th Typhoon

A big typhoon Goni is heading to Japan after leaving disasters in the Philippines and Taiwan. 
The weather report said that it will reach Japan's main island tomorrow morning. I work for fishery industry, so that will cause many problems. Fishermen can not catch fish several days and few fish will able to be sold in the fish market. That causes higher fish prices. 
Aside from that, I hope there won't happen more disasters because of the typhoon. 
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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Table Tennis Tournament

I went to watch my son's table tennis match. It was held at Ohda City where 2 hours from my city. The tournament was for high school freshmen. 
He did well this time. He advanced to quarterfinals of singles and the final of teams tournament. 
It was a nice day for my family today. 
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Party

I've just come home from a party, our community party. The participants were mainly in their seventies. My community has grown older. 
I'm drunk tonight, so I have to say good night for now. Bye. 
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Friday, August 21, 2015

George Orwell

I listened to Animal Farm episode 4 by BBC today. The story was divided into 5 episodes. 
At first, I thought the story was a parody of communism countries or totalitarian nations, but the author might criticize all human beings. People can easily obey strong powers and easily forget about bitter experiences. 
I'll read original text after listening to the last part, and then I'll read another George Orwell's novels. He's genius. 
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Thursday, August 20, 2015


I've listened to a BBC radio drama, Animal Farm, from episode 1 to episode 3 of 5 episodes, episode 4 and 5 were not available today. 
The story described totalitarian group cynically. A cruel pig Napoleon took control the animal farm and changed their primary rules so that would be convenient for himself. 
The author George Orwell criticized the Soviet Union through the novel then, but totalitarian groups or nations are always the same even now. 
Episode 4 will be available tomorrow. I'm looking forward to listening that. 
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a well known novel written by George Orwell of England. The BBC made a radio drama based on the novel. That was divided into 5 episodes and I listened two of them in two days. 
I didn't read the novel before. At first, I couldn't understand the episode one. I think I could understand at most 10% at that time. I have a poor listening skill in English, so I was disappointed. 
I tried again and before that, I checked the outline of the story. The next time, I could understand more than previous one. I want to get better English listening skill. 
Aside from that, the story is really interesting. That criticized totalitarian countries or groups. After listening the radio drama, I will read the original novel. 
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BBC Radio Dramas

I read a blog about learning English. A Japanese English translator posted the article. The author is a good English speaker. His pronunciation is almost English native speaker. 
He suggested that listening to English radio dramas are really good for learning English. He said he has listened 500 English radio dramas in six months. He also said that watching TV dramas are easier than listening to radio dramas, so that is a good training for listening.  
His recommendation was to listen to BBC radio dramas. You can use the contents at BBC Radio 4 station. They have thousands of programs for free. I think I should try to do that. 
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Monday, August 17, 2015

Tianjing Explosions Have Killed Over 100

Explosions in chemical facilities area in Tianjing, China have killed over 100 people and more than 90 people have been still missing. 
I looked some pictures about firefighters there. They looked in very poor conditions. Chinese government should ask help for other countries if they can't handle it, but like other cases, they never do that. I just pray for the residents and firefighters. 
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

History in Meiji Era

I've heard and read the 70th anniversary statement by Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Some media criticized the statement, but I think that was a good one. 
In the statement, Prime Minister Abe told about the Japan- Russia war. I'm not familiar with the history about Meiji era. I think I have to learn about the history of Meiji era. 
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Last Goze

Five years ago, I listened to a documentary radio program on NHK early in the morning. The radio interview show was about an old woman who was said to be the last goze. Her name was Kobayashi Haru and she was about 100 years old then. I was really into the program. I was fascinated by her goze songs. Her voice and tone moved my deep inside. 
A goze is a blind female singer with playing shamisen, a Japanese traditional musical instrument. They had a long history from Muromachi era or more older. Four or five gozes made a group and they performed door to door in the local villages. The old style gozes are no longer exist. 
The interview reveled her harsh long life of goze. She became a goze when she was only five and since then she traveled around Niigata area singing goze songs. 
After that, I've read several her biographies. The stories were far more pitiful than Oshin, but finally, she became a human national treasure. 
Today, I've found her CD on a website. She recorded the CD when she was in her nineties. I ordered it and I'm really looking forward to listening to it. 
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Friday, August 14, 2015

How to Learn English Books

I often read articles, blogs and books about how to learn English. Some books are written by authors experiences. These books stimulate my enthusiasm a lot. Some books are not because the authors don't have successful experiences. They just steal ideas of others, perhaps. 
I have to forget about how to learn English efficiently. I should listen, read, write and speak English as much as I can. That's what English masters said in their books. There is no easy way to get good English skills. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

No-Hitter Iwakuma

Hisashi Iwakuma became the second Japanese no-hitter in the Major League Baseball. The Seattle Mariners right-hander made a record over the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday. The legend Hideo Nomo was the first Japanese no-hitter. 
I'm really glad to hear the news. He has been struggling to play since his old team was about to withdraw from Japanese professional baseball league. He said that he became nervous in the ninth inning and thought if this will makeTohoku fans happy. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tokyo 2020 Logo

Japan Olympic Committee has chosen Kenjiro Sano's design for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games logo the other day. After the selection, a Belgian designer insisted similarity between his work and the Tokyo logos. 
Mr. Sano officially denied stealing ideas from the Belgian theater's logo. I'm not familiar with design, but the two emblems are a little bit similar to me. There are tens of thousands of emblems all over the world. No one can avoid similarities in designing logos. Of course, you must not plagiarize someone's works. 
Aside from the controversy over the design, I don't really like Sano's emblems for Tokyo Olympics. I think they are not suitable for Japanese culture. I like more colorful and positive design. His emblems are too dark to Olympic Games. Olympic is a festival, isn't it? 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

U.S. Decision on the First Atomic Bomb

A Japanese BBC reporter made a tweet about American nuclear bombing during World War 2. She said American government believed if the United States failed to attack Germany with an atomic bomb, German scientists would make the same weapon with studying the debris of the bomb, but Japanese specialists could not do that. She said that was the official reason for they made Japan the first target of the nuclear bomb. The reporter showed on Twitter the documents written the government's discussion above. 
She tweeted her opinion that that was a skeptical reason for the attack and the real reason was hidden behind the remarks, but I strongly feel the remarks came from their racism. German people were intelligent and Japanese were not. Am I wrong?
In addition, they knew that Tokyo was about to surrender and did not have enough power to revenge on the bombing at that time. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

President Wilson and the League of Nations

After World War 1 ended, the League of Nations was established. The establishment of the league was an idea from American president Woodrow Wilson. Unfortunately, the United States failed to join the establishment. That was because the conflicts between the president and the Senate in the United States. The president couldn't win Senate approval. The Senate wanted to keep Monroe Doctrine, which means mutual nonintervention between the American Continent and the European Continent. 
Ironically, in 1919, Mr. Wilson won the Nobel Peace Prize due to his effort for making of the League of Nations.
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

August 9, Nagasaki

Seventy years ago today, the second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The bomb was different type from the first one. The first one was an uranium type and the second was a plutonium type, less expensive one. 
Nagasaki was not a target of the bomb at first. The previous target was Kokura. About 74,000 citizens were killed by the second atomic bomb. American president Harry Truman ordered the brutal attack. I pray for the victims and I hope that tragedy will never happen again. 
International law insists that mass murder weapons to civilians are illegal even seventy years ago. Moreover, American government knew that Japan was about to surrender before the first atomic bombing to Hiroshima. Japanese government had sought the end of the war. There was no reason for the two nuclear bombs. I  believe that American president needs to apologize about the criminal bombing for the victims. At least they should admit that was a war crime. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Police Applicants Dropping

The number of police applicants in Japan has been decreasing since 2010. Japan's economy has improved, so younger people can get better jobs easier than before. They are tend to avoid hard and dangerous work. That is one of the reasons of the reducing. 
Each prefectural police department is trying to get more applicants because they want more suitable police officers. For example, some prefectures allow applicants by the age of 35 years old and others removed the limit of the applicants' height. 
Police officers have kept our country secure. I hope lots of young people will get interested in the important job. 

Friday, August 7, 2015

North Korea Switches Time Zone

Pyongyang has announced that their time zone will put back by 30 minutes on 15 August. 30 minutes? Why on earth they have to set back 30 minutes? Isn't it inconvenient? I can't understand what they are thinking about. 
"The wicked Japanese imperialists committed such unpardonable crimes as depriving Korea of even its standard time while mercilessly trampling down its land," the North's official KCNA news agency said.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 6, 1945

Seventy years ago today, the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. American President Truman ordered the inhuman attack. 
The victims of the attack were mainly ordinary citizens. About 140,000 people had died by the end of the year. I pray from the bottom of my heart for the victims. 
The atomic bombing was apparently a war crime because the target of the attack was civilians. American government knew that Japan was about to surrender before the bombing, so they didn't need to do the brutal attack. 
I really hope the United States President admits the fact that the atomic bombing was a war crime and decides to apologize for the victims. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Japan high school basketball tournament begins at Koshien tomorrow. The tournament started 100 years ago and it became a popular summer event in Japan. 
I think the baseball tournament is deadly for players, especially for pitches. They have to play in this fatal conditions. Many remarkable pitchers have been destroyed because they had to pitch too much. The number of pitch should be limited like American baseball association do. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tora-San or Atsumi Kiyoshi

Eighteen years ago today, Atsumi Kiyoshi, one of the most famous Japanese actor, died at age of 68. He was well known for Tora-san. The "Otoko wa Tsuraiyo" series made him popular actor and the series was one of the world's longest-running film stories.
I really liked his movies, but while he was alive, I didn't watch his movies. I became his fan after he died. As I grew up older, people's relationship in the series of movies make me feel comfortable. The real world is not like that, though. The movie would be a fantasy for Japanese people. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Accidents in Summer

As it was the first Sunday in August, 13 people have died due to accidents at sea, river and mountains all over Japan yesterday. 
On a day like yesterday, it's natural that you want to go to somewhere for escaping from heat. Beaches and mountain areas are good for that, but you have to be careful while you enjoy doing summer activities. You don't need to be brave for these activities. 
Drowning is frequently happened, especially children. Remember, children can drown easily than you think. They can drown even in 5 cm depth water. Please keep watching them. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Firework Display

A two days local festival has been held in my city. The main events are 3,000 fireworks on Saturday and 10,000 fireworks on Sunday. 
My son went to see the Saturday's fireworks with his friends. My wife and I stayed at home yesterday. 
My son will go there with his friends again today and my wife will go there with her friends. So, I will be there alone with drinking beer. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

2022 Beijing Olympics

After many cities withdraw from the race, Beijing has been chosen to 2022 Winter Olympics against Almaty in Kazakshtan. The Chinese capital will be the first city to host both summer and winter Olympic Games. 
Like Sochi and PyeongChang, the 2022 Olympics has a problem, lack of snow. Beijing will make a man-made snow area far from the city. How come they can call it Beijing Olympics?