Monday, June 1, 2015

The Heysel Disaster

I listened to a BBC radio show this morning. The program featured the Heysel Stadium disaster. It occurred on 29 May 1985 in the Heysel Stadium in Brussels, Belgium, before the start of the 1985 European Football Cup Final between Juventus of Italy and Liverpool of England. 
Drunken fans of the Liverpool got over the fences to the place where Juventus fans mainly seated. The people mostly Juventus fans tried to escape from the attacks, and eventually they crushed and squeezed against the concrete walls. 
Thirty-nine people were killed and many other people were seriously injured in the accident. How come they had to die while waiting for a soccer match? I hardly believe it, but the game was played after the incident. 
Sadly, this kind of violences often happen in soccer games, between fans or players. Football fans and players should not forget the tragedy and I hope it never happens again. 

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