Monday, January 4, 2016

Giant Baba

I watched an old documentary tv program about Giant Baba, a Japanese pro-wrestler. He wanted to be a professional baseball player when he was younger. He played baseball at high school in Niigata. He was a good pitcher. 
When he was second grade, Tokyo Giants offered him to join the team. Gains was the most popular baseball team in Japan. He quitted high school and became a professional baseball player at age of 17. 
Unfortunately, he could not play well and was fired when he was 22. Baba though he could not go back to his hometown before he got a success, so he decided to be a pro-wrestler. 
The training to be a wrestler was unbelievably hard, but he managed to get over the difficulty because he didn't have anywhere to go then. 
Finally, he become a popular pre-wrestler. He might be the most famous Japanese wrestler then. 
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