Friday, August 19, 2016

Yoshida Lost Gold

The BBC reported that American Helen Maroulis caused one of the biggest upsets in women's wrestling as she became the first American to win Olympic gold in the sport. She best Japan's three times Olympic champion Saori Yoshida in the -53kg final in Rio Olympics. 
Yoshida might get a lot of of pressure from everywhere. In the second period of the match, Yoshida lost four points and couldn't reverse the points. She apologized to audience for her lost. 
She has been doing really well since 2004 in Athens Olympic Games. She had no need to apologize. 
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Damien said...

I quite agree with you. Yoshida made much effort as much as possible, and she may acclaim her opponent, rather than apologizing for her supporters.

Mako said...

Thank you for the comment. :)

Damien said...

You're welcome.