Monday, July 13, 2015

Books About How to Study English

When you go to a bookstore, you can see hundreds of thousands of books for English learners. These books are usually divided into many specific categories, such as for TOEIC, Eiken, grammar reference, words and even how to study English itself. 
The writers are mainly professional teachers or native speakers, but many amateurs also write "How to study English" books. Amateur authors give us motivation for learning English. A major baseball player Hasegawa or succor player Kawashima gave us that. That's really good for learners' enthusiasms. It might be worth only for that at most. 
Remember, there's no easy way to learn English, so if you seek a good result for your ability of English, you should follow professionals' methods. This professional doesn't mean earning money from English, but the attitude for English. Don't waste your time. 


S Chi said...

Haha it's funny how you say "amateurs". There's definitely a huge gap between "native" speaker and ESL person, yet the natives speakers are no professionals!
Anyways I totally agree with what you're saying. I often see those adverts saying things like "the way to speak English fluently in just 15 minutes practice!" or like "how to make friends from foreign countries" lol. Like you said, there is no such a thing... Oh well :/

Mako said...

Yep. XD All native speakers can't teach English, haha. Japanese English learners are tend to be naive when it comes to English. They, oops, including me, easily believe something easy things. :P