Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hayabusa and Pro-wrestling Accidents

A former popular pro-wrestler Hayabusa died at age of 47. He was too young to die. He didn't perform on the mat since 2001 because he got heavy injury when he was fighting in FMW ring. He fell down from the top of the rope bending his neck in the right angle. It was terrible accident. 
I really liked watching pro-wrestling, but I rarely watch their performances after the accident. Recent pro-wrestlers' are fighting too much danger in order to make audience excited. I like old-fashioned performance. I could enjoy watching ancient pro-wrestling matches. 
 More dangerous performance is "amateur" pro-wrestling. That's weird amateurs fighting like pro-wrestlers, but you can see that kind of performance everywhere in Japan. I don't like these pre-like performance. Even real pro-wrestlers often get injured, so something serious accident will happen in the future.
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