Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Extensive reading

About eight years ago, I began to study English for the first time in 20-something years. I don't remember exactly why I was thinking about learning English at that time. Maybe it was a fashion. I bought some books on extencive reading, 多読, and it was really interesting for me. They say there are only three rules for extensive reading. First, don't use any dictionaries while reading a book. Second, you should skip unfamiliar words in the books. And last, throw away the book if you lose interest in it. The method was quite new for me. I started reading English books like the way I learned from the books.
It worked well at first and spent six years just reading books in that way. It was fun but I've changed my mind because as long as I don't use a dictionary I won't read any advanced books or magazines like TIME. It's obvious. At best, I could read books at young adult level if I did't use a dictionary. I should have used dictionaries more.

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