Thursday, December 19, 2013

Do You Know Shimane?

I live in Shimane prefecture of Japan located in the Chugoku region on the main Honshu island. A recent survey shows Shimane is the 47th popular prefecture in Japan. If you are a Japanese you probably know Japan has 47 prefectures that means Shimane is the less-known place in Japan.
People often mistake Shimane for Tottori, the 46th popular prefecture. Someone would say Shimane has the largest sand dune in Japan. No, it's in Tottori. Even Starbucks forgot to open their shops in Shimane until last year. Tell you the truth, Seven-Eleven still don't.
The prefectural government recently made a T-sirt for advertisement which says "Shimane is on the left side of Tottori"
Would you like to come to Shimane? It's very convenient to go to Hiroshima!

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