Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Speaking English

I started again learning English several years ago because I wanted to read English books. That meant I didn't want to speak English then. But some years later, I began to think how nice if I could speak English, so I took online English lessons. I took TOEIC, a kind of English test, and the score was about 600. 
At the time, I found some friends from a language exchange site and talked with them on Skype. I sometime talk with two or three foreign friends a day. I even made my English podcast with them. I uploaded over 60 podcasts in a year. I wasn't a good English speaker, but it was so much fun. I could enjoy conversation in English. I didn't care much about my poor English skills then. 
Afterward, I study English more and I could get better TOEIC score or Eiken grade. Though, I don't feel comfortable while speaking English now. I'm really frustrated. Studying English grammar and words made me awkward to speak English. Or I just have lack of practice for speaking. 
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