Monday, May 23, 2016

How to Prepare for Eiken

I'm really afraid of taking Eiken 1st grade next month. I would get a miserable score on the exam. I had only a month to prepare for the test when I decided to take the test. I didn't think I had enough time for the exam, so I prepare for the test without using Eiken workbooks. 
I don't think I have ability to get 1st grade. I have to study hard to get the grade. Instead using Eiken materials, I will read English books and articles, and will listen to audiobooks as much as I can. And also I will check unfamiliar words on dictionary more often. 
I'm not sure my attitude for the test works well, but I just try it. 
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M Kumi said...

I will also take the Eiken Grade pre-1 next month.
I am preparing for it but it is really difficult.
I realize my lack of vocabularies.
I don't have any confidence, but learning is fun for me.
Let's both try our best.

Mako said...

Thank you for the comment. Yes! Let's do our best! We can do it! :)