Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Canadian Woman Receives Letter 45 Years Later

CBC news reported on April 22, that a letter sent by a Canadian girl 45 years ago has just reached her sister.
The recipient, Anne Tingle, told CBC that her sister sent the letter in 1969. At that time, her sister was nine years old.
 The letter, which it arrived, was covered with a plastic bag. An apology from the Canada Post was inside the bag. It said, "Sorry for the bad condition of the envelope", but they did not apologize for the delay. 

 受取人のアン・ティングル(Anne Tingle)さんがCBCに語ったところによると、手紙は1969年に当時9歳だった妹がアンさん宛てに投函していた。
 届いた手紙はビニールで包まれ、封筒の状態に関するカナダ郵便公社(Canada Post)からの謝罪文が添付されていたが、遅延についての謝罪はなかった。

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