Thursday, April 3, 2014

Machi no ne

Local restaurant owners in Isemiya-cho, Matsue, are making a plan that musicians can perform on the streets whenever they want to. They named the plan "Machi no ne, or Sound of the town" and it will start in the middle of April.
Toshiro Yamano, 36, who runs a restaurant called Piano Man, is the leader of the event. He came up with this idea from Matsue's frendship town New Orleans. The city is known as the cradle of jazz and is famous for street live performanses.
Restaurants in Isemiya-cho and around JR Matsue station will allow professional and amateur musicians to perform in front of their shops. Both musicians and restaurants will benefit because the musicians will get a chance to play music and shop owners will get attention to their restaurants.
The event will take place several times per month at the biggining and the area will be filled with music every day in the future. Plays and art performances will also be allowed in the area.

 ライブは月に数回から始め、将来は毎日、どこかから音楽が聞こえてくる街を思い描く。演劇や美術の活動も受け入れる。 山陰中央新報

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