Monday, April 7, 2014

Homeless Man Withdrows $37000 from ATM

A homeless man was arrested because he illegally took out $37,000 from an ATM in a bank even thoug he was allowed to withdraw only $140 from his account in South Portland, Maine early in the morning on April 6th.
The bank said this incident was due to a computer error.
According to the police, after the homeless man withdrew $140 from his bank account using his cash card, he attempted to withdraw additional cash from the ATM and was successful.
The local TV station WGME said, a woman who waited to use the ATM next to the man called the police because the man used the machine for a suspiciously long time. The plice came and found the homeless man with a large amount of money in his bag.
The $37,000 was returned to the bank.
The bank dose not intend to sue the man but the police did not deny the possibly to charging him.
According to the bank, the incident did not affect their customer accounts.


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