Monday, March 2, 2015

The Berlin Wall

The other day, I talked with an online English teacher. The topic of the conversation was about Berlin in Germany. I went to there two decades ago and at that time I could see the remains of the Berlin Wall in the city. I would even visit the Point Charlie where many spy novels described the gate.  
The Filipino teacher, however, did not know anything about the Berlin Wall or even she did not know Germany was once divided into two nations after World War 2. More over she was unfamiliar with the Soviet Union. 
It was a good practice for me. I tried to explain about the situations as much as I could. I felt I need more skills that describe things well. 


山田茂 said...

I've had more or less the same experience as you did. In my case, I had to explain to some students of mine, not in English but in Japanese, what the economic bubble was like in the late 1980's. As Crown Prince Naruhito aptly pointed out, we have the obligation to hand down historic facts to the next generations. Thank you for your latest posting.
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Mako said...

Thank you for the comment. I think learning modern history is important for younger generations. I want them to read lots of books about contemporary history. :)