Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Making of a Nation

I'm listening to the VOA radio programs every day in the morning. My favorite show is The Making of a Nation which describes the history of the United States. The program is repeatedly on the air and now they are providing that around three times in a week.
I've listened to the whole history almost twice in this three years. It starts when the North American continent was officially found and lasts until the Bush presidency. 
American people and government did everything, not only doing good behaviors but also shameful things. One thing I really admire a fact that the American presidency has been continuing over 200 years without any coup. Even the Civil War and World War times, they have been doing the democratic elections in every four years. It's fascinating. 
The history shows us that selecting their leader by fair and democratic way of voting is the highest priority for American people. 
I think the tradition lasts forever in the United States. 

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