Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Eiken Grade 1 and TOEIC 990

Some experts said Eiken Grade 1 and TOEIC 990 are mere entrances of professional translators or interpreters, but for average English learners, these would be one of the goals. 
I don't know if I could get Eiken Grade 1 or TOEIC 990. I'm just trying to get them for now, but first, I think I should try to Eiken. That is simply because I like reading news articles and novels. Of course I would take TOEIC every time held in my town. 
Should English teachers in school have Eiken Grade 1 or TOEIC 990? I don't think they need these certifications, but I want them to have the same ability to English. But TOEIC score 950 over would be enough. That's just my impression, though. 
I want English teachers would say,"Eiken Grade 1? TOEIC 950? Anytime I can get them. No sweat!" What do you think about that?

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