Friday, April 17, 2015

A Small, Good Thing

Today's Raymond Carver was "A Small, Good Thing". There are a wife and a husband. They lost their boy by hit-by-run. The accident occurred at exactly the boy's birthday. The wife ordered a birthday cake and it was ruined due to the incident. 
The baker was waiting for the wife to pick up the cake, but she didn't come on the day. The baker called and hang up to the parents' house again and again. The parents was angry about the calls and went to the bakery even it was midnight. 
The baker never had a child and being lonely. He said sorry for the parents. He told them to eat. He said that was a small, good thing and they did. They feel for each other and talked until in the morning. 
Life is sometimes hard to accept, but we still have to live along with that. We have to find something small, good thing for over come the fact. 

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