Thursday, April 30, 2015

The 2015 World Table Tennis

The 2015 World Table Tennis Championships has been held in Suzhou, China. Japanese team has two female junior high school players. It must be a good experience for them. 
In the mixed doubles tournament, Japan's Maharu Yoshimura and Kasumi Ishikawa have advanced to semifinals. That means they will win at least bronze medals in the tournament. They will fight against North Korean defending champion pair in the semis. I believe they will win the game and get a gold medals this year. Ishikawa is my friend's daughter, so I really want to see her victory. 
In the men's doubles, Japan's Koki Niwa and Kenta Matsudaira have also achieved to the semis. I think they have a chance to win the title. 
I'm really excited to watch tonight's games. 

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