Thursday, April 16, 2015

Preservation, The Compartment

Today, I read two Raymond Carver's short stories, Preservation and The Compartment. 
A husband lost his job in Preservation. Since then, he was sitting on the couch and watching the TV all day. The refrigerator broke down and his wife wanted to buy another one by auction. Before they went to the auction, the wife made some food using ingredients in the fridge. The husband came in the kitchen and was about to eat , but returned to the couch. I feel something completely broken, a little bit scary for me. 
A divorced father was going to meet his son in The Compartment. He finally couldn't meet his son, but I feel he felt relieved. It seems that he didn't want to meet his son. I'm not sure, but he was so lonely, that's for sure. He couldn't go anywhere he wants. 

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